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About us

There is a large market for budget planning, but not enough event planners or planning businesses that meet the demand. The largest concern of anyone would be the price tag. It is difficult for other to have their dreams come into reality with a limited budget. Planning in Style focuses on meeting the needs and wants of the client on a budget, and providing excellent quality services in personalized planning for weddings and events. Planning in Style is dedicated to make your dream come true and remove the doubts of unaffordability.




It all started 15 years ago before "Planning in Style" was established; a mother of 3 children (whom is known to be the jack of all trades) was finically pressured to leave the life of a stay home mom and took a new position in life that would alter her course and create what is now known as "Planning in Style." She became a PR Repetitive in the local community, where her children attended school. All of her time was consumed by work. So she decided to join the chair committee at her children’s school so she would spend more time with her kids. She then began to lead festivals of 2,000+ people at the school. From thereon after, she took a strong active role in the community, volunteering her skills in planning and arranging events for non-profit organizations that later on progressed to be what is today because of here motto of everything has to be done from the passion in your heart, as well everything  must cost cheap and  still be great quality.



Quintessence & Values

Respect, integrity, passion, creativity, customer service, excellence, efficiency, and affordability



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